Write A New Story

Write A New Story

by | Jan 28, 2016 | Adverse Childhood Experience | 0 comments

Write a New Story
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Getting to safety, whether it’s emotional safety or physical safety always starts with a plan.

Taking time and thought to make that plan is sometimes hard to do. But our healing and success depend on it.

We all desire success but don’t always achieve it. This is often true because we have not planned effectively.
What is success to you? Most of us would say success is our healing and fulfilling our God given purpose.

In my own journey and in the many stories that have been shared with me, I find that fear gets in the way of our success.

Even though we know we have to find the courage to get help, we often believe we are simply powerless to do what is necessary.

Beliefs are thoughts. Nothing more. Sometimes those beliefs are the only thing that stands in the way of our success.

Every thought causes a feeling. Feelings create power and action.

We can train our actions to move abundantly.

If we stayed paralyzed by fear we cannot harness the power or action.

We now know that your healing is more important than fear.

So how can we harness the power of this thought?

One way is to start speaking compassionately to yourself.

What is compassionate language? What is harsh language?

An example of harsh language to self would be as follows: “I’m unlovable. I deserve what happened to me? I’m a bad person.

Speaking compassionately to yourself may seem very difficult because it is easier to just “beat ourselves up”.

Learning to do it anyway is critical because it is a way to take your power back.

The compassionate way to speak would be like this: “Bad things happened to me. It’s not my fault and it doesn’t mean I’m bad. From those bad things, I learned not to trust people so I could survive. I will keep working on improving myself, but while I do I will be to be respectful of myself and understand how I came to have these problems.”

To get you started pay attention to how you think about yourself and talk to yourself. When you find yourself speaking harshly intentionally change the language to the language of compassion.

Are you ready to take your power back? I hope so.

If you’d like some more help with that I have a book and a simple program you can do on your own coming soon. Let’s stay connected and build our community.

Always remember: even if you think you are not quite ready for healing, don’t despair.

Keep reading, keep learning and think about the benefits of making changes.

Always remember you are not alone.

Talk to a friend, talk to your doctor, talk to your teachers, talk to someone at church, find a way to share your burden and I will be here when you are ready. We love you and stay safe.

Take the first simple step and start with your safety plan today.

There are example plans on this blog under the safety plans post and can also be found here. 

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