Why do a triathalon?

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Why not? 

When I started my journey onto Rebirth,

I thought about a quote John F. Kennedy once said,

We go to the Moon because it’s difficult. 

What a great statement as oppose to our pop culture today that says why do anything that takes any effort whatsoever. 

So the reason to do a triathlon is because it is hard.

Once you do something that takes you to another level, it transforms you mentally, physically and spiritually. 

If you deal with or do something you don’t think you can do, and you transcend it, you become a different person.

That is called Rebirth. 

You learn new things and grow.

I realized today during my first triathlon race that although I finished and felt quite accomplished, everyone in the race was battling their own demons and trying to become something more than they are. 

It was a blessing to be surrounded by all of that positive energy. To learn more about Rebirth, join me on a journey of Reboot, Repair, Rebirth, an online healing system.

Learn more at www.rebootrepairrebirth.com

Until next time, let’s stay connected at www.facebook.com/thedrjbattle

Stay Well.

Dr. Battle

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