Spring Break

Spring Break

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Spring break
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Every time i have to pack for a family vacation i freak out.

So many questions run thru my mind.

How do you decide to fly or drive? What to pack?

If you travel at least once a year with your spouse and children do you always seem to forget something you wish you had?

We are 5 deep and that can be a lot of luggage to check in or to carry on when flying.

So we did something. In some cases, we decide to drive. In others, we fly Southwest because we can check two bags each for free. To minimize carry on items, I check whatever i can to lighten the carry on load. Of course I don’t check in my purse, CPAP or lap top bag but everything else gets checked.

So how do you remember what to pack? Create a list of must items to have every time you travel and keep this stowed away on your camera roll or phone. This should lighten the anxiety next time you travel.

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