Optimizing Your Sleep Routine

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Sleep Routine

It may be your thoughts keeping you awake, but suppose your sleepless nights are the result of bad sleep habits.

It’s hard to break habits especially in our fast paced culture in which we carry our phones everywhere. It may even be harder if you are wired to be a night owl. To make matters worse, once you fall asleep, if your sleep is interrupted, you don’t get the deep or REM sleep needed to restore your body and mind.

As a member of Reboot Repair Rebirth community, you have access to sleep secrets. Here is sleep secret tip 1.

Secret Tip 1: Go to Bed by 10pm.

If you stay up later than 10pm and push through “yawning” and sleepiness you are likely to get a second wind because your serotonin (wake chemical messenger) increases and your melatonin (sleep chemical messenger) decreases. Don’t let that happen. Catch the wave of sleep early and ride it out.

One hour of sleep before midnight is equivalent to 2 hours of refreshing sleep after midnight.

Yours in healing,

Dr. Jamila Battle

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