Sleep Deprivation

Sleep is NOT a bank.

You can’t store it up and then go days on little sleep.  Nor can you overdraw and then make up sleep needs on weekends without penalty.

Lack of sleep reduces emotional intelligence and constructive thinking skills. It affects body weight, the immune system, and more.

In bad cases, people with sleep deprivation have an increased risk for cancer, diabetes, and heart disease.

How does sleep deprivation affect the body?

A person who loses one night’s sleep will generally be irritable and clumsy during the next day and will either become tired easily or speed up your fight or flight system. After missing two night’s sleep, a person will have problems concentrating and will begin to make mistakes on normal tasks. Three missed nights and a person will start to hallucinate and lose grasp of reality.

Sleep deprivation is associated with clinical depression, higher levels of stress hormones and increased inflammation in the body.  Inflammation and stress hormones are associated with a number of long-term chronic illnesses such as heart problems, diabetes and cancer.

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