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Who knew of the close link there is between sleep apnea and oral health? According to dental sleep experts, a vicious cycle occurs between those poor sleep patterns and oral care. A severe case of sleep apnea means that as you gasp for air, the chance of dry mouth increase so that you are susceptible to tartar. Then again, your immediate defense against tooth decay is saliva. It eliminates food remnants and neutralizes any of those harmful acids brought on by the ever-present mouth bacteria.

But during those sleep apnea episodes, your saliva becomes so compromised, leaving behind a dry mouth susceptible to all manner of oral diseases. Again, those teeth grinding habits during
disturbed sleep harm the enamel such that you become the right candidate for tooth decay. The list of oral issues connected to sleep apnea is almost endless. It is why REM-ware works closely with a wide range of dental sleep providers to make your sleep difficulties a thing of the past.

Here are some of the timely solutions you stand to benefit from REM-ware.

Telemedicine Access to Licensed MDs For Sleep Test Scripting

This is a cost-effective remote patient-doctor technology that handles sleep disorders such as sleep apnea. The application lets you access virtual consultation via phone, video, or internet
with your preferred medical practitioner. Generally, sleep apnea is classified as one of those chronic conditions, and this platform provides the perfect environment for continuous treatment and monitoring.

There are so many benefits to this technology. For example, you enjoy immediate and simple diagnosis without those awful long queues. Besides the telemonitored polysomnography(sleep study), you also have access to long-term polygraphic monitoring.

The telemedicine option enables you to receive all the psychoeducative interventions, including therapy and tracking. You also benefit from continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) titration. Even so, compliance in this treatment aspect is critical for success, and often you might have to agree to CPAP’s compliance tracking.

Cloud-Based Home Sleep Testing with Immediate Results

REM-ware offers the simplest, accurate, and highly reliable home testing kit that gives instant results. The smartphone app works by transmitting REM-ware data from the assigned channels to the cloud. Then, your physician can review the automated results and provide a comprehensive report.

According to most test results, the typical start to the end of study testing takes around 6 hours during your normal sleep. That is the report that your doctor reviews and prescribes medical care. Generally, the cloud-based solution means that you can still get the best diagnosis and therapy while on the go. Besides the less back-office support, everything happens as if in a flash, and you get the same, if not better, and accurate test results for your sleep disorder.

Sanitary Tests With Disposable Sensors

As a disposable testing technique, it is entirely safe with zero infection risk. And the best thing of all, there is no downloading and no charges for this test. It doesn’t matter where you are on the globe. The method serves you correctly from outside the service area.

Why Testing Is Important

Testing for sleep apnea monitors your breathing patterns, including the rate and airflow. It also factors in such elements as oxygen and heart rate. The testing confirms the way your breathing

repeatedly stops and resumes as you sleep. It also captures any other sleeping disorders and recommends only the best treatment and therapy. Meanwhile, the REM-ware sleep testing uses your real sleep times, hence eliminating the risk of misdiagnosis.

AI-Based Scoring Services

Once REM-ware testing is complete, the doctor can share with you the wide-ranging study results. The comprehensive report shows the hourly apnea episodes and the number of those episodes that could have occurred in the entire night. It also indicates the amount of snoring and the type of sleep position that causes massive problems. There is also a graphic display of your sleep stages and the oxygen and heart rate.

Generally, the automated report touches on every aspect of sleep apnea and how severe the problem is. That respiratory indices chart is part of the info, and the body position statistics and graphic are on display for you to see. The good news is that with such statistical data, you can benefit from the best medical intervention. Again, any health issues that occur due to sleep apnea, including oral health, can now recede.

You can always contact Dr. Jamila Battle for a live demo on how the technology works and how huge it can benefit you.

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