Power To Promise Part 2

Power To Promise Part 2

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Power to Promise Part 2
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When we start action, feelings and emotions will follow (don’t wait until you feel motivated just start).

Did you know positive action creates new circuits in the brain which train you to move into abundance?

If you are stuck or don’t know quite how to start positive action, please go to my blog and assess your motivation to change with a decision balance. Click here.

If you are ready for positive action, here are a few more examples of good commitments to make for yourself:

  1. Keep a journal of successes (times you resisted temptation, overcame an obstacle…etc). I kept a journal and one day when I went back to read it, I remembered how powerful I felt after taking a walk. So I decided to walk again.
  2. Create an inspiration book with pictures of people you love,a song, scripture, quotes…etc. I used the song “smile” by Natalie Cole to strengthen me in moments of weakness. Do you have a song that makes you smile and feel strong?
  3. Move toward your opposite (ex. if you are too dependent, try being more independent)

In my journey I was a huge people pleaser. To move toward my opposite I had to learn how to start saying “No” when appropriate.

But how do you say “No” like you mean it and without being mean?

First listen to you Body. Your body knows when you are saying yes because you want to vs. when you feel you have to. You know that burning feeling in your stomach when your in law asks to crash on your couch again?

You can say yes to requests, just make sure it comes from a place that feels comfortable. This means check with your body and listen to how it speaks to you.

If you are only saying yes to avoid discomfort, Why? What story are you telling yourself?

Don’t make excuses as a away to avoid saying ‘No”. With practice, it actually feels better saying no without an explanation.  Keep the details to yourself. Staying home to binge watch on your favorite TV series in your PJs is a legitimate example of having other plans.

If you are still having trouble saying no, you can say “May I get back to you on that?” This buys you time to come up with a response that feels authentic to you.

When you are not used to saying no, it will be awkward at first; but over time it becomes easier. Chose a slight discomfort in saying no as oppose to resentment for doing something you didn’t want to do in the first place.

Practice Practice Practice.

Learn more in my upcoming book, Reboot Repair Rebirth, and upcoming online course, a simple program that you can do on your own time.  You can reach out to me here, on social media @drjbattle or follow my professional facebook pages Reboot Repair Rebirth and Dr. Jamila Battle & Associates, PA where i share fun and inspiring news burst.

Always remember: if you think you are not quite ready for healing, don’t despair.

Keep reading, keep learning and think about the benefits of making changes.

Always remember you are not alone. Talk to a friend, talk to your doctor, talk to your teachers, talk to someone at church, find a way to share your burden and I will be here when you are ready. We love you and stay safe. Take the first simple step and start with your safety plan today. You can find example safety plans on my website www.drjamilabattle.com under the “ask Dr. J” tab or by clicking here.

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