New Year, New You

New Year, New You
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The New Year New You Conference was amazing. Standing room only! Excellent speakers! Congrats to Dr. Nicole Price Swiner!!  Her vision and passion to produce this awesome event embodied the true essence of her leadership, inner light and resilience. I was honored to have been a keynote speaker…here are a few key points I shared with the audience.

  1. My personal story of transforming childhood trauma and pain into triumph and power.
  2. Definition of Trauma to include but not limited to physical, sexual or emotional abuse. Neglect. Parental loss, parental incarceration or neighborhood violence.
  3. The condition of trauma and it’s effects on the brain and body.
  4. The adverse childhood experience (ACE) questionnaire.  With a score of 4 or more there are health consequences. A score of 6 or more can decrease your life expectancy by 20 years. Talk to your doctor.  There are resources for you.
  5. Click here to calculate your score: ACE score
  6. Teachers engage, connect with students to give them hope.
  7. Doctors screen patients for childhood trauma with the ACE questionnaire.
  8. Parents take responsibility and ask for help. A history of childhood trauma often effects your parental skills. It also increases your risk for addiction, mental disorders, chronic physical illness and suicide.
  9. Then through a process I created, you can take your pain and transform it into power and promise.
  10. First Reboot: seek safety inside and out. Speak your truth with someone you trust.
  11. Second Repair: breathe, explore and challenge beliefs of “not good enough”, compassion language to self, gratitude, self-care (eat clean, exercise and SLEEP WELL), read, therapy, eliminate toxic people, places and things.
  12. Third Rebirth: Celebrate, Envision Purpose, Mediate, Stay connected, invest in self, give back

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