Meet Dr. Jamila Battle, M.D.

Triple Board-Certified Physician in Sleep, Addiction and Family Medicine and Patient’s Choice Award Winner

As a triple board certified physician in the areas of family, sleep and addiction, I explore the relationship between adverse childhood experiences, toxic stress and the leading causes of morbidity, mortality, and disability in the United States to include chronic physical health problems, sleep disorders, depression, obesity, and drug abuse.

Dr. Jamila Battle is known for her compassionate care.  She is the creator of Reboot Repair Rebirth®. This innovative model aids those who are suffering to truly forgive themselves so they can become fully integrated and capable of self-love. Jamila’s personal story demonstrates transforming abuse into abundance.

She can quickly teach you to become consciously aware and make choices leading to a healthy and fulfilling life. Her method integrates mind, body and spirit in both time and space. She demonstrates how our lifestyles are reflections of our values and attitudes.

Dr. Battle’s mission is to combine her experience as a physician, consultant and  survivor of abuse to serve the emotional, spiritual and physical needs of her  audiences.

Dr. Battle has developed unique and powerful systems that give sufferers of sleep disorders, survivors of abuse, addiction and mental illness a ray of hope and a structured path to resilience as they personally search for growth and meaning to rebuild what could have destroyed lives.

As the winner of multiple Patients’ Choice Awards and recognition for compassionate care in Raleigh, NC, she consistently demonstrates the wisdom, kindness and authentic accessibility that gives her not only credibility, but amazing power in reaching and touching the lives of those she meets.

Dr. Jamila Battle is Board Certified in Family, Sleep, and Addiction Medicine. She focuses her practice around the Four Pillars of Health: 1. Sleep/Environment, 2. Diet/Exercise, 3. Meditation, and 4. Sobriety and Connection.

She has expanded her clinical practice through speaking, writing, and research to make a huge difference in the treatment, recovery and societal acceptance of the serious problems that still plague our society. She also co-host on UNC’s Your Health Radio to engage and educate her community around practical health related news and information.

As a keynote speaker, conference lecturer or teacher of small groups, her wisdom and presentations are not to be missed and will make a difference in any program or individual who needs such help.





Dr. Battle is committed to community service and giving back. In her spare time, she volunteers with at-risk families and endorses several non profits to include the ALS association, Angel House, 10K Survivors Domestic Violence Initiative, and Turning Within.
She also donates her book to area libraries. If you are looking for a way to help your local community, consider donating to one of her favorite non profits or donating a copy of her book to your Library. You can also visit your local library’s website and request that they buy a copy of “from Abuse to Abundance” for their shelves. Please consider joining Dr. Battle in service. Your efforts will help to increase awareness of abuse, addiction and ALS and provide support to those who are suffering.

Discover your inner light and resilience. Turn your Pain into Promise.

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