Everyone is unique and special, and each story gives each of us a different perspective, with different gifts and talents. The main barrier in experiencing abundance and activating your gifts is one’s hesitation in sharing their story.


Government and Commercial Clients

Dr. Jamila Battle is the founder of Dr. Jamila Battle & Associates, PA and BattleVision dba Battle Publishing and Simply Abundant.  

Dr. Jamila Battle & Associates, PA is a 8a Woman-Owned Small Business that provides Nationwide Healthcare and Consulting to Government and Commercial Cients in the areas of primary care, behavioral/mental health, sleep and addiction medicine.  

Battle Vision can help you both tell your story and express your gifts and talents through publishing and travel

Publish or Become an Affiliate 

Dr. Battle welcomes new affiliates of the signature Reboot, Repair, Rebirth (RRR) Healing Program products and services. RRR is about not only becoming a healthier mind, body and spirit but also about mending relationships for a proper work-life balance and giving back through service and business.

Share your Story on the Podcast

The Building Resilience Podcast by Dr Jamila Battle, which is coming soon and will welcome survivors and professionals to share their story.

Organizations: Get Support for your Constituents

Reboot, Repair, Rebirth (RRR) is a self-help healing system. RRR will not only increase resilience for your constituents but also reduce your organization’s cost by decreasing relapse and improving outcomes. 


How is RRR unique?

This is a self-paced tool to compliment patients’ therapy. As you know, recovery is a process, and having a self-paced tool to apply recovery thinking helps facilitate learning and memory.

RRR focuses on not only the present but also explores the past. It provides insight and is skilled-based. It is most helpful for clients who have suffered through trauma and who are in stable recovery. It reinforces therapy and healing to help patients maintain their recovery and prevent relapse.