Getting help

  • Are you or someone you care about struggling with heroin, morphine or any type of prescription painkiller overuse, abuse or addiction?
  • Would you like to wake up to a beautiful day every morning full of opportunity?
  • Are you tired of living under the chains of your past?

Know that you can close the door on those things that happened before but somehow still affect you. Treatment is available and recovery is possible.You have made the first step to a brighter tomorrow.

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Dr. Battle is board certified in Family, Sleep and Addiction Medicine. She is also the creator of Reboot Repair Rebirth, a model that aids those who are suffering to truly forgive themselves so they are capable of self-love.

Dr. Battle offers a buphrenorphine/naloxone maintenance program to support recovery from opioid addictions at Carolina Performance. Her practice is designed for highly motivated patients who are willing to be honest and are ready for change with the goal of coming off maintenance long term. She establishes a connection with patients while also creating a non-judgmental environment that focuses on your individual needs. Her style is candid, compassionate, and interactive. She believes the role of the physician is to guide. 

If you are seeking to learn more, please send us a text in the secure Klara message portal in the bottom right corner of your screen. Intakes are available in the Klara portal upon request. Upon completion of an intake, the doctor will either offer an apppointment if your addiction management is appropriate for her virtual practice or she will make recommendations for in person practices.