Award-Winning Physician, Abuse to Abundance Authority, #1 Best Selling Author and Consultant.

Turn your pain from addiction and abuse into the promise of abundance!

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Dr. Jamila Battle, M.D.

Dr. Battle has developed unique and powerful systems that give sufferers and survivors of abuse, addiction and mental illness a ray of hope and a structured path to follow as they personally search for growth and meaning to rebuild what could have destroyed lives. As the Winner of the 2016 Patients’ Choice Award in Raleigh, NC, she consistently demonstrates the wisdom, kindness and authentic accessibility that gives her not only credibility, but amazing power in reaching and touching the lives of those she meets.

She is now on a mission to expand far beyond her clinical practice and through speaking, writing books and creating courses, making a huge difference in the treatment, recovery and societal acceptance of the serious problems that still plague our society.


What Our Patients Say

Dr. Battle is by far the best doc in the triangle. She has such a compassionate heart and truly loves her patients. In a profession that has become full of power and greed, this doctor's true mission is to help others. Her own experiences and her faith has transformed her into a remarkable light for others. She is not only my doctor but has become a central part of my support system and a good friend. You will NOT find another doctor like her!! Hands down the best physician in NC

Jenn I.

Dr Battle is an excellent physician and has outstanding ability to communicate and connect with her patients. This is a rare ability among doctors. Many know their medicine but few can communicate well with their patients. And that is a huge part of effective diagnosis and proper healthcare.

Kelvin C.

Hands down the best doctor I have ever had the pleasure of meeting I would recommend her to anybody looking for a drug rehabilitation doctor she never treats you like a drug addict like most places these days my husband has been seeing her for almost a year and I'm going to be seeing her soon I'm tired of being treated like a junkie at the Carter clinic after being clean for the last 3 years

Cecil F.

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