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Do You Have Resiliency?

ACEs are adverse childhood experiences that harm children’s developing brains so profoundly that the effects show up decades later; they cause much of chronic disease, most mental illness, and are at the root of most violence.With a score of 4 or more there are health...

Day 11 of #31Survivors Domestic Violence Series

10K Survivors is on a mission to help 10,000 Victims break free and stay free. Their domestic violence coalition consists of survivors throughout the country who advocate, pray, counsel, teach and provide emergency support to victims and their families. October is...

Create Meaning

  Sometimes when we are suffering or have suffered our thinking gets all out of whack and distorted. I thought my trauma was my identity but this was distorted thinking and harmful meaning. Later i discovered that I was more than what I had suffered and guess...

About Me

Dr. Jamila Battle, board certified in Family, Sleep and Addiction Medicine, is known for her compassionate care. She is the creator of Reboot Repair Rebirth®. This innovative model aids those who are suffering to truly forgive themselves so they can become fully integrated and capable of self-love. Jamila’s personal story demonstrates transforming abuse into abundance.

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